Prime Athlet-X Functional Training Center is looking to dramatically change the life of one deserving person that’s struggling to make a change in their health for FREE. 


Are you ready for the opportunity of a lifetime?

We are searching for one special MEMBER of PRIME ATHLET-X that’s 100% ready to commit to a life changing experience and join us as a team and partake in The 2020 NASM and Quest Nutrition 90 Day Transformation Challenge with a chance of winning $20,000 as a team.


David Dear as your Personal Trainer, will offer all his services in person to a MEMBER of PRIME ATHLET-X for FREE to transform your life and complete this challenge. 


David will create and execute a detailed fitness and nutrition plan with the goal of achieving the most dramatic transformation possible. 


The winning team in the 2020 NASM and Quest Nutrition 90 Day Transformation Challenge will receive $20,000 along with other prizes! The cash winnings will be split, $10,000 for the client and $10,000 for the trainer. 


Requirements for selection are as follows: able to perform exercise without any limitations and injury free, 100% ready, willing and able to perform each and every task David asks as it relates to your diet and exercise regimen over a 90 day period from January 28th, 2020 to April 27th, 2020. Willing to be photographed and documented over the 90 days to be shared with social media and advertisements, and a 500 word essay explaining in detail why David should select you as his client for this challenge along with pictures of your current physique. All one on one personal training must be done at Prime Athlet-X Functional Training Center. 


What are you waiting for and what do you have to loose? 


DEADLINE for essay and current physique photo submission is January 23rd, 2020.

Send essay and up to date pictures to daviddearcpt@PrimeAthletx.com


For additional questions or information contact David Dear at daviddearcpt@PrimeAthletx.com


Details about the challenge and official rules can be found here: 


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"I started working out with David in October of 2018. I was initially on the fence about getting a personal trainer.  I thought I could just get an app or download some workout plans and get the results I wanted but I am so glad I took that step and signed up with him. It has made a world of a difference and I wish I had done it sooner!"

- Haley Q

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“ I knew when it was time to get serious about my fitness, I would need a trainer to hold me accountable and get results. A routine of cardio and fairly healthy eating habits wasn’t enough. Being in my mid 50’s , I also wanted to make sure I didn’t injure myself simply by not knowing the proper techniques of weight training. Since working out with David, I’m in the best shape than I have ever been. I am much more toned, stronger and leaner, which equates to 2 sizes smaller in my clothes! David focuses on all of the components of fitness, including nutrition and I have learned so much these past few years! No matter your goals, you will accomplish them with David! “ - Karen H.


I began working on my weight loss in January of 2018 with limited knowledge and my results suffered. In January of 2019, I started working with David. In 90 days he was able to provide the knowledge, coaching, and encouragement required to achieve 20lbs and 21 inches lost, more than I had achieved on my own. Just imagine how much more it can change over the course of 6 months or even a year!! - Candace J.

Hello everybody my name is E.J.  an iam 67 years old , I have been having a weight problem for a long time now . Well about a year ago I started  training with David Dear he has been great with teaching and making me do the proper exercises with a proper meal plan  this pass year , l have lost 37 lbs. Total ,  I have  gained 5% muscle mass, two pants sizes smaller and  a goal of losing  and building more , I know that I can achieve  this because I have the right tools to do it , prime athlet-x and David Dear as a personal trainer .

A couple of years ago I joined the gym and started working out three times a week. 

For the first 4-5 months I saw little results even though I was working out for at least an hour on the circuit machines and other machines in the gym.  Someone at the gym recommended that I try using the gym’s personal trainer, David Dear. So I did, and immediately began seeing results. We’ve worked together for the last year and a half with David coaching me on proper lifting form and guiding me through rotating workouts so I have maximum benefit from my workouts. Now I’m working out fewer times a week and for shorter periods with much greater results than when I worked out on my own. 

I highly recommend David. - B. Bowen (62 year old female) 


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